Assorted Typos from Intrigue

Per reader Daniel Grover, from Spell of Intrigue:
Pg..Ln Original sentence (suggestion)
------- ------------------------------
28.1.2 "has become something of a lost an." (an -> art)
28.3.7  "As a son of centerpiece" (son -> sort)
78.7.4 "New Dawn carne to take" (carne -> came)
86.1.1  "better imitation `of a" (remove `)
130.3.2 "ah, gelling out of hand?" (gelling -> getting)
141.2.1 "completed a complete circuit around" -> (completed a circuit of)
142.4.6 "although it felt more like polished ice than air, though" (remove trailing 'though')
143.3.6 "across the surface fell a slight ripple" (fell -> felt)
144.7.5 "in its resting stale was" (stale -> state)
158.4.12 "and fell fiat with a bang" (fiat -> flat)
165.7.4 "Pod Dali" (Pod Dall)
Mayer here: I rather like this one, though...
167.2.3 "I mean, sure. elves and such" (. -> ,)
201.1.13 "start I until out of" (remove I)?
Mayer again: when I saw this, my first reaction was to wonder if Haddo had unexpectedly showed up to narrate...

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