First typos from Fate

Per reader Daniel Grover:

018.04.07: "lighten the goad of your burden" (goad -> load) [Maybe? That IS the sort of thing Shaa would say.]
030.17.01: "suspect I only." Favored slumped" (Paragraph break after Haddo's line.)
046.02.04: "...every particular precise," (Precise -> precis) [?]
047.09.02: "marsh." Well, so much for vanity. (Paragraph break after "Spilkas's" line, or possibly after "vanity".)
054.02.03: "ever-mare-sophisticated" (mare -> more)
057.01.02: "One just had to deal with - The" (en-dash -> em-dash perhaps?) [Picky maybe, but the capital "T" threw me.]
058.02.01: "Lord? - yes, the very one." (Vellum uses "Lord?" even though he supplied the title himself a few sentences earlier.)
074.01.01: "figured that, did you. Dear." (you. -> you?) [Maybe?]
115.02.01: "you think 1 should give him" (1 -> I)
118.03.07: "going to tell me about." (about. -> about it.)
119.04.02: "reasonably high-level track;" (track -> Track) [? - The other references are upper-case]
142.09.02: "little stunt, do you." (you. -> you?)
181.02.09: "had been Inauguration legacies, Carstairs'" (legacies, -> legacies; [or : ?])
184.06.02: "Or is the collar-button you hope to pop?" (is the -> is it the) [?]
225.16.01: "Haddo said," (Haddo -> Wroclaw)

Note: apologies to Daniel Grover - I left off the attribution when I originally posted this!

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