Sometimes the Missing Return

One of the first things I did when I was setting up this site was add the section titled "Endangered and Missing" that appears on each page, at the bottom of the left-hand column, and the first two authors I thought of for it were Barry Hughart and David R. Palmer. I've received an email this morning from the great folks at Subterranean Press that references an ongoing discussion at John Scalzi's site on this exact subject, in which Mssrs. Hughart and Palmer are mentioned numerous times ... but, most excitingly, Subterranean Press is actually taking action (at least in part due to this discussion), and they intend to release a collection of all three Hughart novels. Trade hardcover for $38, and the limited:

For Mr. Hughart’s most ardent fans, that’s not the biggest news. In addition to the trade hardcover, we’ll be producing a 200-250 copy limited edition that will feature not only a leatherbound edition of The Chronicles. In addition, for the first time, Mr. Hughart has given us permission to publish the first draft of Bridge of Birds, which features Master Li as a nineteen-year-old, and Number Ten Ox as a bit player. This slipcased set will be a true rarity.

It's been quite awhile since I went for a limited... but let's just say SubT has already heard from me on this one.

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