The Merchants' War

My admiration for Charles Stross, as an exemplar of currently active authors, is already splashed lavishly across this site. I've also commented on the extent to which I've been struck by the way he and I have come up - completely independently - with similar solutions to particular matters of plot development; an example of convergent evolution in action. Even given this, The Merchant's War still knocked me for a bit of a loop. I've noted the attempts to brand this thoroughly SFnal and beautifully extrapolated series as fantasy with no little amusement - if it increases sales, so much the better - and I'm certainly the last person to be able to complain with a straight face about complete lack-of-resolution cliffhanger endings, but for anyone who's made it through the Spell books, the revelations in Chapter 5, around page 112, say, may make you very happy. They certainly did this for me... and now, another year until the next one. (Oh, all right: aargh!)

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